BlackRock: Global Finance Guru Changes His Mind on Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin in the starting blocks? – BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager, with more than $ 7.4 trillion in assets under management. If the global giant had hardly spoken about Bitcoin and cryptos, things seem to change if we refer to the last speech of its CEO.

Bitcoin spotlighted by Larry Fink

Until recently, the rare comments from senior members of BlackRock were very cautious, if not disinterested , to say the least , regarding cryptocurrencies .

Larry Fink , the CEO of BlackRock, who was however the first to criticize the interest of cryptos (except for blockchain technology ), has just given a completely different story during the Council on Foreign Relations , reported by the CNBC channel .

The businessman began by explaining that although the crypto-asset market is still underexploited and unknown , more and more investors are interested:

Crypto Bank has caught the attention and imagination of many people. This market has not yet proven itself and remains quite small compared to other markets. “

Huge potential for Bitcoin and the crypto market

Where the statements of BlackRock’s top executive get interesting is when he admits that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies could become a global market asset class :

“You see these really big movements [of money] every day. Still, it’s a tight market. Can it evolve into a global market? It’s possible. “

What even to question the omnipotence of the American dollar , since Larry Fink wonders:

“Does this change the need for the dollar as a reserve currency? Having a digital currency [like Bitcoin] has a real impact on the US dollar (…) it makes the latter less relevant [for foreign holders]. “

The CEO of BlackRock is he not, before our amazed eyes, starting to have the same opinion as the CEO of MicroStrategy , Michael Saylor , whose company is shedding US dollars to replace them with hard bitcoins and stumbling?

In addition, a few weeks ago, Rick Rieder , the investment director of BlackRock, was also very optimistic about the future of Bitcoin, believing that the king of cryptos could even go so far as to „replace gold ” .