Capitalization of the UniSwap DeFi project approached $3 billion

UniSwap (UNI) continues to hold the lead in the DeFi project list. Its capitalisation now exceeds $2.8 billion, according to

UniSwap’s closest competitor is the Maker project, which costs around $2.18 billion. Analysts predict that by the beginning of next week UNI’s capitalisation will exceed $3 billion.

Rapid growth in the value of UniSwap was observed last month. At the end of September, the project’s capitalisation was just over $2.1 billion Wealth Matrix, and by the end of October it had risen to $2.7 billion.

And if in September the cost of UNI tokens fell several times (at a minimum it was about $400 million), in October it steadily increased.

The UniSwap protocol was launched on 2 November 2018. Its founder, Hayden Adams, recently thanked investors and announced a further increase in UNI capitalization.

At the time of publication, the UNI token was trading at around $2.57. Growth has now slowed down amid a sharp strengthening of the Bitcoin.

Recall that the BTC this week soared to its highest level since January 2018, exceeding $ 15,000. Experts believe that there is an inverse correlation between the largest cryptovoltaic and DeFi-token.

UNI holders focusing on long-term coin storage will benefit from the rapid fall of the BTC. All the more reason to correct the bitcoin has already begun, the crypt currency fell from $15,800 to $15,300 last Friday, 6 November.