CoinEx: Unlock New Trading Strategies, Set Sound Investment Plans & Maximize Profits


• This press release is about CoinEx, a global crypto exchange, launching Strategic Trading.
• The feature provides Auto-Invest Plan that helps investors set out sound investment plans and stay ahead.
• It offers versatile trading strategies to meet different user needs with “lazy” or “foolproof” operations.

What is Trading Strategy?

In traditional financial markets, a trading strategy refers to a comprehensive plan covering all trading activities and guiding investors to execute their target trades. In the world of crypto, it refers to predetermined plan or trading behavior designed to help traders profit from buying or selling cryptos in both long and short markets. With an effective trading strategy, users can take prompt countermeasures during extreme market conditions and minimize losses. A mature and well-designed trading strategy enables users to take advantage of market swings, make easy investments, and maximize profits or minimize losses. Generally speaking, it may cover target cryptocurrency/ project selection; use of professional platforms such as crypto exchanges and market monitoring platforms; mastery of crypto tools and indexes; setting up trading time & stop-loss conditions; minimizing the influence of emotional decisions.

Requirements for Beginner Investors/ Retail Users

For beginner investors or retail users, investing in crypto should be easily accessible preferably with „lazy“ or „foolproof“ operations without complex parameters or programming/trading scripts needed. Additionally, the platform should offer versatile strategies meeting various user needs: conservative investments for stocking up coins while minimizing risks & costs versus seizing volatile market trends for quant trading etc.

CoinEx’s Strategic Trading Launch

In February 2023 CoinEx launched Strategic Trading segment featuring Auto-Invest Plan that meets these requirements by helping users set out sound investment plans & stay ahead by mitigating potential risks with easy access & wide range of versatile strategies for all sorts of scenarios & corresponding measures for maximizing profits & minimizing losses.

A comprehensive and well-designed trading strategy is crucial for investors as it helps them take advantage of market swings while making easy investments aiming at maximum profits & minimum losses which was met by CoinEx launching Strategic Trading segment featuring Auto-Invest Plan that meets these requirements with easy access & wide range of versatile strategies available for all types of scenarios.