Owner of pyramid adds 22 thousand bitcoins, Mason blame and hides in Brazil

The justification for the leader of the scheme having disappeared was that his company represents a threat to the current financial system which is controlled by Freemasonry.

Mirror Trading International is a platform that promised to pool its clients‘ money to invest in the Forex market and „socialize“ profits, but MTI CEO Johann Steynberg decided to flee South Africa in early December after authorities turned their eyes to the platform. Members of the company believe he is hiding in Brazil.

MTI has a very similar discourse with some other companies that we have seen even in Brazil.

Launched in 2019 the promise was that the platform would use automatic trade robots to increase the value invested in bitcoins for the customer, similar to Atlas Quantum.

In the business plans found on the Internet and in the presentations of the company it is clear the classic intention of the coup, promising monthly profit of 10%, something that is certainly impossible in an investment of this type. The possible pyramid may have captured up to US$ 2 billion from more than 170 thousand clients, the company managed to capture 22 thousand bitcoins, according to local website MoneyWeb.

Despite the focus on South Africa, it was possible that clients from other places in the world would enter, just by making an initial investment of US$ 100.

Clients without withdrawals, CEO blames hackers and freemasonry
Johann Steynberg, founder and operator of the so-called Mirror Trading International pyramid.

In the last months the platform started to have problems with the withdrawals of its clients, blocking both gains and bitcoins initially investments.

As expected, the platform began to blame hacker attacks and other unforeseen events for the lack of payment from investors on the platform. But the CEO went further and blamed even Freemasonry for the end of the deal.

This led to South Africa’s financial authority, the Financial Sector Steering Authority (FSCA), issuing a warning that the public would not get involved with the MTI, and to initiate criminal proceedings against the platform.

This caused Johann Steynberg to disappear at the beginning of December without giving any sign of where he would have gone.

Only now MTI released a press release stating that Johann is on the run and is probably in Brazil. In the e-mail released, the administrators of the supposed pyramid affirm that:

„Johann is alive. Johann is in Brazil, as far as we know. Johan was not honest with the managers, leaders or members of MTI. As a management, we do not know if our Bitcoin is safe“.

According to the newspaper, the CEO of the supposed pyramid received an email from an anonymous source suggesting that he should leave South Africa because MTI threatened the current financial system, which according to the letter, is controlled by Masonry.

„Freemasonry is not just a rumor. It is a well-known fact that the main owners of the current financial system are 17, 18 and 33 grade Freemasons, they will do anything to see the fall of MTI.

You represent a great threat to their system. And by this email our humble appeal to you to temporarily withdraw from the borders of South Africa“.

The justification for the leader of the scheme to have disappeared, then, would be because his company with miraculous promises represents a threat to the current financial system.