Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada installs Bitcoin ATM

Since August, Tesla employees in Nevada have been able to get the digital gold via a Bitcoin ATM.

Tesla employees can buy and sell Bitcoin at Bitcoin ATMs in the Gigafactory Nevade

The Bitcoin ATM operator LibertyX announced on Twitter that a Bitcoin ATM has been installed on the Gigafactory site.

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In addition, according to Finbold, LibertyX It is clear that the ATM has been in operation since August and is only accessible to Tesla employees. With the help of a software update, the existing ATMs can now buy and sell Bitcoin for thousands of employees.

Is Elon Musk a Bitcoin fan?

After Elon Musk has already taken a position on Bitcoin several times , some of the crypto Twitter community even see him as the Bitcoin inventor Sathoshi Nakamoto . But Tesla boss Musk denies this speculation.

In a previous tweet, Musk said that central banks are making Bitcoin look solid because of their expansive monetary policies.

The installation of the Bitcoin ATM is therefore not a surprise for some. Considerations as to whether the car manufacturer wants to invest in Bitcoin at company level and thus follow the example of Microstrategy and Square are still part of the realm of speculation. Some blockchain pilots show that Tesla is at least interested in the technology behind Bitcoin.